Three Valuable Suggestions For Winter Base Layering

15 June 2015
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Whether you are looking to go camping, snowboarding or running in the winter time, it is vitally important that you always put on the proper sets of clothing for the job. By wearing the right base layers of clothing, you'll be able to protect yourself from the temperatures and enjoy them, rather than just put up with them. In doing this, you'll give yourself the prime opportunity to survive these brisk temperatures and make the most out of any activity that you are choosing to engage in. With that in mind, follow this guide and use it to your full benefit and advantage. 

#1: Understand The Best Use And Purposes Of Base Layers

When you want to purchase the right layers, you should first understand that the purpose of the base layer is to manage moisture. It is the layer of clothing that is the closest to your skin, so you need to be sure that you can perspire freely, while also absorbing moisture from the outdoors in a way that keeps your body clean and dry. To do this, you should make sure that your layers are manufactured with either synthetic material, merino wool or silk. 

#2: Gauge The Types Of Material During Your Purchase

Each set of material for your base layer comes with advantages that make it better than another option. For instance, a merino baselayer might cost more than synthetic fibers, but provides far better protection. This wool is the most helpful in regulating your temperature when outdoors, has built in antibacterial properties, feels warm against the body and is lightweight, while also providing quality protection against the sun's harsh rays. When shopping for the right materials, be sure to ask your retailer about the purchase, while filling them in on the details of your trip. 

#3: Opt For The Best Styles And Weights

The beauty of base layering is that the cuts and designs are highly versatile. For instance, you'll have plenty of options that are better suited for winter jogs and camping, while having a plethora of cuts to choose from when planning your next skiing trip. The key to this is to make sure you are still factoring in weight when selecting between fashionable choices. This way, you are putting emphasis on both comfort and reliability when shopping for your next outing. 

Consider these tips and shop wisely as you look for a retailer who can help you with your winter base layering.