Preparing For Camping Season At The Cabin: Needed Maintenance And Repairs That Require A Pro

29 March 2016
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If you have recently bought a cabin in the woods where the whole family can go on vacation, then you will need to do some prep work on the cabin monthly and annually to keep the cabin in good working order.  A lot of the maintenance you do yourself at your primary residence can be done at the cabin too, but other maintenance tasks and repairs should be handled by a pro. Here are just some examples of the type of work on your cabin that requires a pro.

Residential Roofing

Regardless of the fact that you only "live" in the cabin for a few days to a week or two every year, roofing contractors still consider your vacation property a residence. Hence, a residential roofing contractor is needed to inspect your cabin's roof for damages in your absence and repair said damages. Additionally, if you have some very special roofing on your cabin, such as individually hand-split, wooden shaker shingles, then you will definitely need a professional roofing contractor to inspect, maintain and repair your cabin's roof.

Septic System

Many cabins will either have an outhouse and a well pump for plumbing, or a septic system and a well with an electric pump. The more modern and recently built cabins almost always have the latter, which means that you will need a septic system contractor to check and maintain the septic tanks and plumbing coming from the cabin out to the tanks underground. You should never assume that simply because you do not live at your cabin full time that your septic system will run smoothly for years. On the contrary, an idle septic system, as with idle toilets, mechanisms within these devices as well as their contents can become a little stalled. Having the septic system contractor check out the system and the cabin's plumbing about a month to a couple of weeks before you arrive for vacation time is a good idea because you can prevent problems from arising while you are on vacation.

Electrical System

While you are away, the forest critters will play. Simply put, your electrical wiring is not safe from all of the rodents that have a penchant for chewing off the plastic insulation around electrical wiring. If you do not keep your electricity turned on all the time at the cabin, then there is little to deter the beasties from chewing away on the wiring. Before you crank up the generator or flip a light switch at the cabin, get an electrician out there to check things over or you might inadvertently start an electrical fire caused by the critters that gnawed and chewed through the wiring.

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